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Arun Valley Railway – The Grimethorpe Branch

by Geoff
Grimethorpe branch - A bridge on the branch line
A bridge on the branch line

The Grimethorpe Branch is really two railways in one. It is used as part of the builders home layout, but is also compatible with the Arun Valley railway modular system.

Along the branch are a station, Barrowdale, a bridge over the stream at Ockleydene, a stone quarry and the Grimethorpe Colliery.

Grimethorpe - The stone quarry
The stone quarry, photo by Roger

The structures and buiildings of the quarry are scratch built and are the builders first attempt at this sort of modelling.

The narrow gauge railway runs on a trestle past the loading bin at the centre and to the crusher at the right. Stone is then lifted by conveyor back to the loading bins to be dropped into standard gauge wagons.

Grimethorpe - A closer shot of the quarry
A closer shot of the quarry, photo by Roger

These photographs were taken at Model-Wai 99

Grimethorpe - Another view of the quarry
Another view of the quarry, photo by Geoff
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