Members Exhibitable Layouts – Arun Valley Railway

Arun Valley Railway – Redfield Station and Piltdown Junction Station

Built by Colin
Redfield station
Redfield Station, photo by Geoff

Redfield Station was the first module built of the Arun Valley Railway OO gauge modular system. It is 1300 mm long and 200 mm wide. The station has a passing loop and two goods sidings. It is seen here at Model-Wai 99.

It has an associated module which is a 650 mm long extension to the platform which can be seen beyond the main module.

Redfield - A quiet moment at Piltdown Junction
A quiet moment at Piltdown Junction, photo by Roger

Piltdown Junction is the junction with the main line and is the headquarters of the line with an engine shed and carriage siding. It is built over two standard modules so is 2600 mm long and 300 mm wide. It is seen here at Model-Wai 97.

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